How to take part in the PlayTable – 8Hours Foundation ICO starting July 1st


The 8Hours Foundation NTI, which will be the first chance for the public to obtain EHrT tokens, will start on July 1st.

In this article, I will give you an overview of everything you need to know to take part in the NTI.

PlayTable – the first product from the 8Hours Foundation

Step 1: Perform KYC

Go to the whitelist page to perform KYC. This is required for all participants to take part in the NTI.

  1. Make sure you have our VeChain wallet address available. When you hold a Node you have to enter the details here to get additional benefits based on your Node type and tier.
  2. 8Hours takes regulation very seriously, this is why proof of address is required.

Note: Participants from the United States are not allowed to take part in the 8Hours NTI.

Step 2: Invite to the Monkey Match Game

After you have done your KYC you will get an email confirming if you qualify to take part in the NTI. In the email, you will also receive an invite for the monkey match game.

The monkey match game is a fun game that allows you to gain additional benefits during the 8Hours NTI.

You can try it out ahead of the NTI by going to

How many tiles you can open in the game depends on your VeChain Node status:

  • Mjolnir X gets 4 extra clicks, 12 clicks in total.
  • Thunder X gets 3 extra clicks, 11 clicks in total.
  • Strength X gets 2 extra clicks, 10 clicks in total.
  • VeThor X gets 1 extra click, 9 clicks in total.
  • Economic Node and people without a Node get 8 clicks in total.

Some of the benefits you can win in the game:

  • Additional VET allocation to be able to buy more EHrT.
  • Free EHrT tokens
  • A discount on or a completely free PlayTable.

Step 3: Take part in the NTI

The NTI is divided into 4 rounds. Each round has a maximum allocation of 47 million VET that can be converted to EHrT.

How many EHrT you will get for your VET, depends on the Round you take part in + if you are a Node owner or not.

 Mjolnir XThunder XStrength XVeThor XEconomicVet Holders
max 1 mil VET per roundmax 400k VET per roundmax 200k VET per roundmax 100k VET per roundmax 60k VET per roundmax 60k VET per round
Stage 13.60 EHrT3.45 EHrT3.30 EHrT3.15 EHrT3.00 EHrT3.00 EHrT
Stage 23.30 EHrT3.15 EHrT3.00 EHrT2.85 EHrT2.70 EHrT2.70 EHrT
Stage 33.00 EHrT2.85 EHrT2.70 EHrT2.55 EHrT2.40 EHrT2.40 EHrT
Stage 42.70 EHrT2.55 EHrT2.30 EHrT2.25 EHrT2.10 EHrT2.10 EHrT

The starting time of the rounds are as follows:

  1. Round 1: July 1st – 06:00 UTC-7 (Event time around the world – Countdown timer)
  2. Round 2: July 1st – 14:00 UTC-7 (Event time around the world – Countdown timer)
  3. Round 3: July 1st – 22:00 UTC-7 (Event time around the world – Countdown timer)
  4. Round 4 July 2nd – 06:00 UTC-7 (Event time around the world – Countdown timer)

Ahead of every new round, you will have a new chance to play the Monkey Match game!


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