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OceanEx – The crypto exchange for the VeChain ecosystem

OceanEx is a cryptocurrency asset management platform created for the VeChain ecosystem. It will play a key role in bridging the gap that exists...

Safe Haven – Crypto Asset Management solutions

Safe Haven provides individuals as well as enterprises with solutions to better manage their digital assets.According to an article published by Fortune.com, 17% to...

Plair – empowering the gaming community with blockchain powered solutions

The Plair platform will empower video gamers by creating a platform on which users can create tournaments, talk about gaming, stream their gaming sessions...

Safe Haven introduces ThorBlock – A safe way to pool funds

Safe Haven has announced its first asset management product called ThorBlock. ThorBlock will allow users to pool funds together to take part in the...

MustangChain: Blockchain powered solutions for the Equine industry

MustangChain is a project set to disrupt the $300 Billion equine industry by use of the VeChainThor blockchain and IoT technology.MustangChain aims to create...

The Decent.bet project moves to the VeChainThor platform

Decent.bet is an honest and transparent smart contract based betting platform and online casino. Today the project has announced that it will make a switch...