VeChain has a massive list of enterprises using its blockchain solution. On this page we have made a list with all current partnerships.


  • July 5th, 2020: Added Q1/Q2 2020 partnerships
  • July 13th, 2019: Added Q2 2019 partnerships
  • March 6th, 2019: Added partnerships of the last Quarter
  • November 4th, 2018: Added SBTG, ENN Energy and Cyprus
  • September 5th, 2018: Added NTT DoCoMo, PICC and BYD.
  • August 12th, 2018: Added the first batch of partners
  • August 1st, 2018: Added all strategic partners


Strategic Partners


Industry: various Location: worldwide
Employees: 12,500 Revenue: $2.4 billion
Partnered since: 24-01-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

DNV GL is a globally operating company that provides audit and certification services confirming that an organization meets certain requirements. DNV GL provides these services in the maritime, renewable energy, oil & gas, food & beverage as well as healthcare industries. DNV GL is also the world’s largest certifier of vessels and offshore structures.

DNV GL will provide VeChain’s blockchain powered services to their huge customer base. Next to this DNV GL and VeChain have developed My Story, a digital assurance solution for the food and beverages industry based on audits and data collection.

Read more about the partnership between DNV GL and VeChain here.

2PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Industry: professional services  Location: worldwide
Employees: 236,000 Revenue: $37.7 billion
Partnered since: 15-05-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, or better known as PwC, is one of the Big Four auditors worldwide. IBM, Ford, Dell, Cisco and 3M are some of its largest clients, with PwC providing its auditing services to 400+ out of the Fortune 500 companies.

PwC will offer VeChain’s blockchain powered solutions to its big client base, providing its clients with improved product verification and traceability.

To read more about the partnership between PwC and VeChain here.

3National Research Consulting Center (NRCC)

Industry: Consulting Location: China
Partnered since: 15-05-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

NRCC is a top tier management, standard and IT consulting company based in China. NRCC specializes in the professional development of domestic companies, or organizations, that actively seek international standards and approvals. NRCC serves more than 1000 long-term enterprises clients, many of which are part of the Fortune Global 1000.

Together with NRCC, VeChain has developed and implemented anti-counterfeiting technology for the China National Tobacco Corporation.

4Yida China Holdings Limited

Industry: Real estate Location: China
Partnered since: 19-02-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Yida is one of China’s biggest real estate developers, focussed on developing industrial parks and smart cities, next to residential districts and shopping outlets.

VeChain is helping Yida to implement its blockchain technology in its current technology portfolio used in projects like energy management, renewable energy, smart grids, green buildings and smart medial facilities.


Industry: Financial services Location: China, Japan
Partnered since: 27-12-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

BitOcean provides an ATM based solution for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. BiOcean is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to become fully licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA). The goal of Bitocean is to create a global network of ATM’s where users can exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies.

BitOcean will work together with VeChain to allow users to buy and sell VET using physical ATMs, starting in Japan and China.


6China National Level partnership

Partnered since: 18-12-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

Gui’an New Area is an economic-development zone directly controlled by the Central Chinese Government. This area has been mandated to become the center of high-tech industries in West-China, with focus on Big Data, Blockchain and Cloud Computing. Some of the companies that will launch operations in the Gui’an New Area are China Mobile, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Huawei, Tencent and Foxcom.

The new Zone will become a test zone for utilizing high and innovative technologies to help improve the efficiency of the Chinese government. VeChain is mandated to be the blockchain technology partner of the government to plan, design and implement blockchain powered processes for the government of the Gui’an New Area.

7Direct Imported Goods (D.I.G)

Industry: Wine importer Location: China
Partnered since: 07-05-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

D.I.G is a government-owned wine importer, responsible for over 30% of China’s wine imports. D.I.G. is owned by the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development subsidiary and hopes to eventually become one of China’s biggest distribution channels for imported physical items.

An estimated 30,000 counterfeit wine bottles are sold every hour in China. VeChain will be tasked to authenticate and trace winery data from the producers, through the supply chain and eventually to the consumer using smart NFC chips in the wine bottles, to stop this counterfeiting market.

Read more about the partnership between D.I.G. and VeChain here.

8China Unicom

Industry: Telecommunications operator Location: China
Partnered since: unknown Official announcement(s): 1

China Unicom (Chinese: 中国联通) is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator. China Unicom is the world’s fourth-largest mobile service provider by subscriber base. The company has over 125 million GSM subscribers and 43 million CDMA subscribers as of 2008.

VeChain has signed a partnership, poetically called “the Unicom cloud ecological strategic cooperation agreement” with China Unicom. Vechain’s role in the partnership will be to develop and help the state-owned enterprise within its business processes. Using BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) VeChain will help China Unicom improve the efficiency of its supply chain management.

9Kuehne & Nagel

Industry: Transport and Logistics Location: Worldwide
Employees: 75,876 Revenue: $22.4 billion
Partnered since
: September 2016 Official announcement(s): 1

Kuehne + Nagel is the worlds largest global freight forwarder, accounting for nearly 15% of the world’s air and sea freight business by revenue. K+H has 1336 offices spread out across 109 companies and has 75,000+ employees.

Kuehne + Nagel China will use Vechain’s blockchain technology to smartify parcels and assets, especially luxury goods, by furnishing them with a chip containing a private key that reflects ownership information on the blockchain.

10DB Schenker

Transport and Logistics Location: Worldwide (rail: europe)
Employees: 95,000 Revenue: $22.8 billion
Partnered since
: – Official announcement(s): 1

DB Schenker is a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics. DB Schenker comprises a logistics division encompassing air, land, and sea freight, and a rail division made up from European rail freight companies.

In China, DB Schenker has over 5700 employees and operates out of the 60 key cities across the country. In China, DB Schenker is collaborating with many third-party logistics providers to offer solutions across China. Together with VeChain, DB Schenker has built a supplier evaluation system on the VeChainThor platform. This will allow DB Schenker to evaluate the performance of the third-parties they work with.

11BMW Group

Industry: Automotive Location: Global
Partnered since: – Official announcement(s): 1

BMW is a German multinational car and motorcycle manufacturer.

VeChain is participating in the BMW Startup Garage Program. As a “venture client”, the BMW Group becomes a customer of the startup at a time when the product, technology or service is not yet ready for the market. Selected startups such as VeChain are undergoing a special program, the core of which is testing a functional prototype with an application relevant to the BMW Group. In the case of VeChain, the goal is the implementation and POC on the use of blockchain technology as a solution for the storage of vehicle data and its secure, controlled provision to third parties

You can read more about the partnership between VeChain and BMW here.


Industry: Luxury consumer goods Location: Worldwide
Employees: 120.000 Revenue: $48.6 billion
Partnered since
: – Official announcement(s): 1

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, also known as LVMH, is a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate. LVMH has around 60 daughter companies under its wings, that each manages a small number of prestigious brands. Some of the famous brands are Dom Pérignon, Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and TAG Heuer.

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, was the previous Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Louis Vuitton China.

VeChain is currently working with multiple LVMH brands to integrate blockchain and IOT technology into their projects. One example of this is Givenchy bags equipped with VeChain chips so users can verify if the handbags are genuine or fake.

13Groupe Renault

Industry: Automotive Location: Worldwide
Employees: 127.000 Revenue: $67 billion
Partnered since
: 25-07-2017 Official announcement(s): 1

Groupe Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer, that in 2016 was the ninth biggest automaker in the world by production volume. Some of the brands of Groupe Renault include Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Lada.

In a partnership with Microsoft and Viseo, VeChain has created a digital car maintenance book that thanks to blockchain technology is tamper-proof. This way when an owner wants to sell a vehicle, he/she can share data about the vehicle that is tamper proof, like for example the mileage, creating trust between buyer and seller.


Industry: financial services Location: China
Assets: $3.3 billion Customers: 40.000+
Partnered since
: 18-01-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Fanghuwang is focused on providing property mortgage loans to Small and medium enterprises in China. Fanghuwang utilizes cloud computing and big data analysis technology to provide high quality, efficient risk control services and property mortgage loans.

Together with VeChain, Fanghuwang will develop solutions to improve data collection, storage and shareability. To improve the quality of the data available well making financial decisions, reducing the risk and lowering costs.



Industry: Media Location: China
Partnered since: 31-01-2018 Official announcement(s): 1, 2

iTaotaoke is a company that aims to provide an open platform where both self-publishers and content providers can build their knowledge sharing workshops as well as monetizes their content.

iTaotaoke utilizes VeChain’s blockchain technology to digitally identify every piece of content or media created on the platform. Safeguarding and securing intellectual property rights of their entire user base. This partnership enables the iTaotaoke team and application to establish their reputation among the market and win the trust of their users utilizing IP protection services and tools that no other provider is able to mimic.

16Bright Food

Industry: Consumer goods Location: China
Employees: – Revenue: $25.3 billion (2017)
Partnered since
: 16-03-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Bright Food was established in 1950 by Jiang Zemin (previous President of China) to be designated as the Chinese national food brand. Bright Food is state-owned and the second largest food company in China behind COFCO. Bright Food Group controls the entire lifecycle of its product lines; The group owns agricultural suppliers, processing factories and distribution points all over China. Bright Food operates 93 different Chinese domestic brands, including 4 publicly listed company subsidiaries.

Bright Food will utilize VeChainThor for their supply chain management, data management, as well as explore new products and solutions utilizing cold-chain logistics and development tools for supply chain management. This will enable Bright Food to harmonize their data set, from their various branches, while managing, monitoring, and reporting on live and trust-proof data.


Industry: Logistics insurance Location: China
Partnered since: 10-04-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

LogSafer is a leading supply chain risk management and a major logistics insurance platform in China with over 2,500 corporate clients. It is the largest cross-border supply chain risk management and control platform in China.

LogSafer will adopt VeChain’s blockchain technology to collect real-time data of shipped goods, allowing for better risk control, instant compensation, while increasing efficiency by lowering the paper load.

18Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co. LTD

Industry: Professional services Location: China
: 100+ Revenue: $11.3 million
Partnered since
: 10-04-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Shanghai eGrid Consulting provide data services to large enterprises both domestic and overseas, including international companies, and state-owned enterprises. The company focusses on manufacturing and the automobile industry, with their clientele including SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., BYD Auto Co., Ltd. and SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited.

In this partnership, eGrid will leverage the nature of immutable, secured data storage and distribution of blockchain technology, and integrate VeChain’s existing automobile solution into their current ERP, SCM, and CRM solution for existing and future clients.

19NTT Docomo

Industry: Telecommunications Location: Japan
: – Assets: $42 billion (2018)
Partnered since
: 05-08-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

NTT Docomo is the largest telecommunication company in Japan. It is the fourth largest public company in Japan and services over 53 million customers (over half of Japan’s cellular market).

VeChain has been selected by NTT Docomo as a partner in the Docomo 5G Open Partner Program. In this program, both companies will work together to prepare for 5G technology which will become available in 2020. Which will offer additional benefits for IoT technology.

20People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC)

Industry: Insurance Location: China
: – Assets: $126 billion (2015)
Partnered since
: 02-09-2018 Official announcement(s): 1, 2

The Peoples Insurance Company of China is a state-owned company located in China and one of the biggest insurers in China. One of its subsidiaries, the PICC Property and Casualty Company, is China’s largest issuer of casualty insurance. Next to this, the company focusses on other major insurance categories like motor vehicle insurance and (commercial) property insurance.

PICC will use VeChain’s blockchain technology to bring a digital transformation to their processes. It will use blockchain technology to reduce turnaround time and prevent frauds using efficient data collection and storage.


Industry: Automobile Location: China
: 220.000 (2017) Revenue: $8.5 billion (2013)
Partnered since
: 05-09-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric automobile and batteries, and the global leader in battery-electric buses. It is one of the biggest car manufacturers in China.

To reduce CO2 emissions, the Chinese government has developed a carbon banking solution. People and enterprises who have a big carbon footprint will have to pay for this using carbon credits. However, those that reduce their carbon footprint will earn carbon credits which they can spend on products. Together with DNV GL, VeChain has developed a system which will be implemented in over 500.000 vehicles before the end of 2018. The system will allow users of the eco-friendly BYD vehicles to earn carbon credits.

22SBTG Surplus & Co

Industry: Sneakers Location: Singapore
Partnered since: 26-10-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Mark Ong, better known as Mr. Sabotage is a famous Singapore based sneaker artist. He creates custom sneaker designs for iconic sneakers from Nike, Reebok and Puma. Lot’s of celebrities like Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) and basketball star Kobe Bryant are regular customers.

SBTG has implemented VeChain technology in it’s latest collection called the shoe of the future. By embedding VeChain’s NFC chip inside the shoes, buyers can check for their authenticity and get more information about the shoe from it’s creator.

23ENN Energy Holdings Limited

Industry: Clean Energy Location: China
: 32.000 Assets: $10 billion
Partnered since
: 01-11-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

ENN is one of the largest clean energy distributors in China. Founded in 1992, the company now has more than 400 wholly-owned companies and branches and it services over 16 million users in 17 of the 34 Chinese provinces.

ENN has announced that, together with the Shanghai Gas Group and VeChain, they are working on an LNG management solution. Blockchain and IoT technology will be used to manage the quality assurance process including classification standards, weighing practices, and transportation process for the different types of natural gas

24Republic of Cyprus National Level partnership

Partnered since: 02-11-2018 Official announcement(s): 1, 2

Through a partnership with Invest Cyprus, the government’s dedicated partner for working with Foreign Investments, the VeChain Foundation and CREAM will establish a joint entity in Cyprus assisting in the development and implementation of blockchain solutions.

To facilitate a new digital age through blockchain technology the two parties will make suggestions to Invest Cyprus including policy reform that enables blockchain as an underlying infrastructure for operations and financial services provided by the Cyprus government.

25Fuji MARUMO Tea

Industry: Food and Beverage  Location: Japan
Partnered since: 5-12-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Located in Shizuoka, Japan, one of the most famous locations for Japanese tea, Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden has a history over 90 years.

Fuji MARUMO Tea’a customers are able to verify the origin of their tea products by using a smartphone to read the NFC chips embedded on the package.

26Baijie Teng IoT Technology Corporation

Industry: Food and Beverage  Location: China
Partnered since: 26-12-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

Baije Teng Technology is a developer and producer of printed RFID tags that can easily be torn and destroyed, making them usefull for anti-counterfeiting label applications.

VeChain and Baijie Teng are now exploring how graphene technology and blockchain can be combined for anti-counterfeit purposes

27BIOS Middle East


Industry: Managed (Cloud) services  Location: Middle East
Partnered since: 16-12-2018 Official announcement(s): 1

BIOS Middle East is the UAE’s leading Managed Cloud Service Provider. The company was founded in 2002 and currently services over 300 companies.

BIOS Middle East is integrating its own Security-as-a-Service offering, known as BIOS Secured on the VeChain blockchain. This will allow for significant events to be encrypted and registered to the blockchain so that they are non-reputable, eliminating the possibility of bad actors changing logs.

28Reebonz Holding Limited

Industry: E-commerce  Location: Asia-Pacific
Partnered since: 28-02-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

Reebonz is one of the most established online luxury sales companies in Southeast Asia. With over 1.000 brands and 172 boutiques, Reebonz makes luxury accessible to the mass using its online marketplace and platform.

Reebonz plans to develop a digital tag that will enable the development of upstream and downstream supply chain assurance to allow product traceability, supply chain planning, product management, and proof of ownership leveraging VeChain’s IoT and blockchain technology.

29Fashion for Good

Industry: E-commerce  Location: Europe
Partnered since: 18-03-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

Fashion for Good is an Innovation Platform focused on scaling up new technologies in the Fashion industry to increase the sustainability of the industry and its products. Fashion for Good’s  programmes  are supported by founding partner C&A, Adidas,  Target and  Zalando.

Fashion for Good is exploring how Vechain’s Tagging systems can used to connect physical products with the digital world, facilitating transparency throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle.


Industry: Consumer home appliances  Location: China
Employees: 60.000 Revenue: $32 billion (2014)
Partnered since: 01-04-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

Haier is the biggest worldwide producer of consumer home appliances, having a market share of around 10% worldwide. Haier is most known for its fridges, freezers and washing machines.

On april 1st, 2019, VeChain, DNV GL and Haier signed a tripartite partnership to deploy My Story in the clothing industry. Haier plans to use blockchain and IoT technology in all applicable use cases within the lifecycle of clothing and clothing management. For example, haier’s Energy Efficient washing machines will join the carbon credits ecosystem, while anti-counterfeiting solutions will be used in the apparel enterprises Haier owns.

31Norway in a Box

Industry: Consumer goods  Location: Norway
Partnered since: 08-04-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

Norway in a Box aims to bring Norway’s quality food to the rest of the world. Norway in a Box sources from suppliers that match the concept of caught, produced, packed and sealed in Norway.

Norway in a Box will make use of My Story for its seafood products. Products that ship from Norway to China will be tracked and each step of the journey will be recorded on the blockchain, all the way from the fish being caught, to arriving in the restaurant or store.

32Walmart China

Industry: retail  Location: China
Stores: 11.368 global of which 443 in China
Partnered since: 08-04-2019 Official announcement(s): 1, 2

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation famous for its chain of hypermarkets. Walmart currently is the largest grocery retailer in the US and in the top five in China.

With the help of the VeChainThor blockchain, Walmart China in June 2019 launched the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform. Products from 23 different product lines are tracked using IoT and blockchain from source to the retail stores, offering customers a new level of trust and confidence in the products they buy. Walmart’s goal is to have 50% of all packaged meat, 40% of vegetables and 12.5% of seafood tracked using the VeChain Powered Platform by the end of 2020.

33ASI Group

Industry: Logistics and Global trade  Location: Worldwide
Partnered since: 18-11-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

With 11 locations in 6 countries, the ASI group is a company focussed on freight forwarding and value-added logistic solutions.

Together with VeChain and DNV Gl, the ASI Group has launched Foodgates. Foodgates aims to provide a premium, trusted blockchain-powered platform for international buyers and consumers of high-end food and beverage products. During the CIIE Convention held on November 5 to 10, French President Emmanuel Macron together with President Xi Jinping enjoyed premium limousin label rouge beef tracked using Foodgate.

34Anhui Tea Industry Association

Industry: Food and Beverages  Location: China
Partnered since: 17-12-2019 Official announcement(s): 1

The Anhui Tea Industry Association aims to affiliate upstream and downstream stakeholders in the tea industry in the Anhui Province (valued at $7.1 billion). Currently, the Association has 670 enterprise members and 194 individual industrial and commercial household members.

Using VeChain’s technology, tea producers will gain increased efficiency and productivity in all stages of the supply chain as well in traceability efforts, which will strengthen the domestic and international presence of the Chinese tea industry.

35Cointelegraph Consulting

Industry: Consulting  Location: Singapore
Partnered since: 12-03-2020 Official announcement(s): 1

Cointelegraph Consulting is a division of Cointelegraph (the most widely read cryptocurrency and blockchain news website) focused on advancing enterprise blockchain adoption by helping large and small companies understand and implement blockchain technology.

The consulting firm wants to push the adoption of public blockchains, by implementing VeChain’s technology across enterprises that are eager to work with Cointelegraph because of their credibility and reputation in the blockchain space.

36Shanghai Gas

Industry: Energy  Location: Shanghai China
Partnered since: 31-03-2020 Official announcement(s): 1

Shanghai Gas Group is a China based company that produces, distributes and sells natural gas and liquefied gas.

The company is using VeChain ToolChain to track the delivery information and LNG quality on the VeChainThor blockchain. The solution significantly eliminates information barriers in the supply chain, contributing to a transparent product process, and provides a reliable database for LNG risk management.


Industry: Collectibles  Location: Singapore
Partnered since: 06-04-2020 Official announcement(s): 1

PlatformXChain is a Singapore-based start-up company that works together with toy manufacturers like CenturyFugu, Marit and Mandarake to track products and collectibles.

PXC is using a white-labeled version of VeChain’s ToolChain to create a marketplace for creators and brand owners to list their original toys and collectibles. Once purchased buyers can verify the authenticity of the product and obtain additional information.


Industry: Fashion  Location: Worldwide
Stores: 5000+  Revenue: $25.19 billion (2016)
Announced on: 26-04-2020 Official announcement(s): 1

H&M is the second-largest global clothing retailer with over 5000 stores worldwide. Next to the H&M brand, the company runs five other brands (COS and Arket, among others) with separate concepts

Cos, a luxury subsidiary of the fast-fashion brand H&M, is using DNV GL’s MyStory running on VeChain to collect supply chain data for some of its product lines and share that information with its customers. Arket, another brand of H&M has been using VeChain to track sustainable wool since 2018.

39Sarah Regensburger

Industry: fashion  Location: United Kingdom
Partnered since: 28-04-2020 Official announcement(s): 1

Sarah Regensburger is a famous fashion designer known for her sustainable fashion label.

The fashion brans aims at using VeChain to ensure traceability in the handmade production, allowing customers to know who made your clothes.


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