Everything you need to know about VeChain Nodes and Node rewards

How will VeChain make its blockchain cheap enough for enterprise use, but interesting enough for investors?


The economic model is one of the key factors that will determine the success of any coin. A balance should be found between costs and benefits for all stakeholders. 

On this page, we will give you a complete overview of everything we know so far about the VeChain economy and its two-token Node system.

A two-coin system

The VeChain economy consists of two coins. This was done to prevent the fees for using the blockchain from being directly affected by the price of the VET token. This way enterprises can be guaranteed a stable transaction fee, something that is currently not possible in for example other projects like Ethereum.

VeChain token (VET)

Use case: Store of value and smart payment currency.

How to get: You can currently buy it from the open market, we recommend buying VET on Oceanex.pro. Strategic partners can buy from a dedicated pool.

Thor power (VTHO)

Use case: Needed to interact with the blockchain for certain operations, like executing smart contracts and transferring tokens. If you want to write data to the blockchain, you have to pay for this using VTHO

How to get: You will generate Thor when owning VET. Currently, 1 VET generates 0.000432 VTHO per day. You can also buy on the open market, we recommend buying VTHO on Oceanex.pro.

How to keep the transaction fees stable:

  • The VeChain Foundation can increase or decrease the amount of VTHO that is needed to transfer data to the blockchain.
  • The VeChain Foundation can increase the amount of VTHO is generated by VTHO.

This two coin system gives users of the ecosystem multiple options:

  • Enterprises wanting to use the blockchain can buy the VTHO they need to put data on the blockchain from the open market.
  • They can however also decide to buy VET. Using this VET they can then generate VTHO which they can use to pay for their blockchain operations.
  • Users can buy VET and sell the VTHO they generate on the open market, allowing for an extra income source.

With the adoption of the VeChain blockchain, the demand for VTHO will rise. Because of this, the demand for VET will also rise.


When a certain amount of VeChain is placed inside a traceable wallet, you can apply that wallet to become a Node. There are various types of nodes, which all have different benefits, functions, and requirements.

The nodes can be divided into two types:

Authority nodes

The authority (also called Thrudheim) Nodes are used to validate all blockchain transactions. Authority nodes have the highest requirements, but also gives you access to the biggest benefits.

  • There will only be 101 Authority Nodes
  • Authority nodes are selected and rated by the VeChain foundation and require a full KYC and application procedure.
  • Need dedicated hardware for blockchain validation.
  • A minimum of 25.000.000 VET is required to be able to apply
  • Receives the highest VTHO production rate and voting rights.

Economic nodes

The economic nodes are not validating blockchain transaction, but offer stability to the ecosystem and provide benefits compared to non-Node VeChain owners.

  • A minimum of 600.000 VET is required to gain access to the smallest Node.
  • No hardware is required, just place your VET into a traceable wallet (no exchange, we suggest using the VeChainThor mobile wallet).

The identity of the Authority Nodes

There has been a lot of discussion in the VeChain community whether the identity of the 101 Authority Nodes should be publicly known.

The Foundation has stated that they aim to reveal as much of the Authority Nodes as possible. However, this is a delicate matter. Single individuals having an Authority Node can become a target once their identity gets publicly know. Enterprises that are currently owning an Authority Node can also prefer to stay anonymous (for now) because they are not ready to publicly announce that they are using blockchain technology or to stay ahead of competitors.

Currently, multiple companies (for example DNV GL and PwC) have come forward announcing that they are holding an Authority Node.

Economic Nodes

To get an economic node, a certain amount of VET has to be placed in your VeChain Thor mobile wallet. When you meet the minimum amount of VET you can join the Node program by going to the Rewards tab in the mobile wallet.

Normal economic nodes

Important notes about economic nodes:

  • You can upgrade and downgrade between Nodes.

X economic nodes

The Economic X nodes program was launched to provide additional rewards for the most dedicated VeChain supporters.

Mjolnir X Node

  • 15.600.000 VET needed
  • 90 day maturity period when upgrading from a Thunder X Node
  • If your wallet drops below 15.600.000 VET at any time, you will lose your X status forever.

Thunder X Node

  • 5.600.000 VET needed
  • 60 day maturity period when upgrading from a Strength X Node
  • If your wallet drops below 5.600.000 VET at any time, you will lose your X status forever.

Strength X Node

  • 1.600.000 VET needed
  • 30 day maturity period when upgrading from a VeThor X Node
  • If your wallet drops below 1.600.000 VET at any time, you will lose your X status forever.

VeThor X Node

  • 600.000 VET needed
  • No maturity period
  • If your wallet drops below 600.000 VET at any time, you will lose your X status forever.

Important notes about x nodes:

  • You can’t downgrade from one X Node to the other, you will lose X status. You can however upgrade.
  • As an X node holder, you will get additional benefits such as VeChain Ico’s whitelist access.

The Node token system

Each Node is represented by a unique Token on the blockchain. This way you can transfer the Node to a different wallet, or even sell it to another user.

You can read more about the Node token system here.

VTHO generation

There currently are four various ways to generate VTHO with your VeChain. These four ways (called reward types) combined will determine your total VTHO generation rate.

Reward type 1

Requirements: Own VeChain, it does not matter how much you have. No need to stake them into a node.

VTHO generation rate: Each VET generates 0.000432 VTHO per day. This is the basic generation rate, which can be increased in the future but can never decrease.


  • Some exchanges (like Binance and OceanEx) payout VeThor if you hold VeChain in your exchange wallet. Most exchanges pay out the VTHO generated weekly or monthly.
  • In the mobile VeChainThor wallet you will generate VTHO with every block generated on the chain (every ~10 seconds).

Reward type 2

Requirements: An authority node

Thor Power generation rate: 30% of all VTHO consumed by blockchain transactions will be rewarded to the 101 owners of a Thrudheim Masternode.


  • The other 70% of Thor Power consumed will be burned.

Reward type 3

Requirements: An authority node or economic node (excluding the smallest VeThor X node)

Thor Power generation rate: The VeChain foundation has set up a special pool called the Foundation Reward Pool that has 150 billion VET in it. The Thor Power generated by this pool will be divided amongst those eligible for reward type 3.


  • The foundation pool will decrease by 25 billion VET every 6 months, until further notice.

Reward type 4

Requirements: An authority node or X economic node.

Thor Power generation rate: The VeChain foundation has set up a special pool called the Foundation X Reward Pool that has 50 million VET in it. The Thor Power generated by this pool will be divided amongst those eligible for reward type 4.


  • The foundation x pool will remain at 50 billion VET, until further notice.

VTHO rewards overview

All data provided in the tables below has been calculated using the using the VTHO rewards pay-out that has taken place on 15-10-2018.

Please note that we have seen rewards fluctuate by as much as 5% from day to day, so use these numbers as an indicator.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments below!


  1. I currently have 10,000 VET in my vchainthor wallet on my phone. I can see that it’s generating thor. my question is: what’s so great about generating thor? what can I do with it?

    thank you

  2. Just a quick clarification. It’s called a thrudheim node. It’s not a masternode. There are no masternodes on the VeChain network.
    The authority nodes ar the ones which create and validate the blocks on the network. The economic nodes are there as a stabilizator for the VET price. That’s pretty much it. They don’t affect the performance on the network at all.
    Same thing for Mjolnir. It is not considered a masternode since you are not helping the network at all.

  3. I’m trying to upgrade from strength to thunder node and having trouble finding the QR code in my cold wallet. I upgraded to strength prior to the app update a few days ago and it was fine but now I tried scanning the QR code and it does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  4. can you help me? I do not have a purchase from a node in my wallet with respect to the past, but I do not know what has happened to my VET, I thought they will have them in my possession.
    I bought by market and in my transactions it is reflected that the transfer was executed but I am not part of the master node. I do not understand the dynamics, I hope I have not lost those VET.

  5. I’m keeping my Vechain in the vault veforge wallet. If I reach a balance of 600000 will I automatically at that point have a Vethor X node and begin receiving the corresponding rewards without any further action on my part?

    • To get an X node you would had to have 600’000 in your wallet by march 20 2018. Now you can only get an X node by purchasing one on the open market using the Vechain Mobile wallet. This will cost you roughly 400’000 additional VET at current prices. You can get a normal economic “Strength Node”, however you will need 1’000’000 VET in your wallet for this. Once you have this amount I think you need to “activate” it using the mobile wallet and then wait 10 days.

  6. I’m I a pool owning a mjolnir node my ownership is about 0.1% or about 48,000 VET after about 7 months I have got about 6,600 Vtho close to $6 for 7 months not bad lol

  7. Hello,
    If I put my 1M VET in the Ledger Nano X, can I get a Strength Node (Normal Economic)?
    All the best

  8. Hi all, I have a Strength Node status since recently and use the Vechain Wallet for storage (1Mio VET).
    I have 2 questions;
    1. How long can you wait to claim your extra vtho? If you wait too long, do they disappear?
    2. How can you apply for the Strengt Node X? I cannot find any option to apply. I understood that you can apply for the X node starting 600K VET.

    • 1. They will never disappear and are stored in a smart contract until you claim them.
      2. You can currently no longer apply for a Strength X Node, however, you can buy a Strength X Node token from the market inside the VeChainThor wallet.

  9. Quick question… what’s the purpose of them pushing you to their mobile wallet? Any extra benefits in doing so? Use my ledger currently, along with Atomic when needed. Is the mobile wallet easier? Can I access more stuff on it compared to the ledger vault?

  10. Hello Guys, Is it possible to upgrade from vthor xnodes to strength node (not strength xnode) ? If yes, please how.. Thanks

  11. I have a basic x node from the early days.
    1. Is there a tutorial on how to transfer the x node and my VET and VTHO tokens to a ledger nano S?
    2. with a 1,2 million VET on an x node – is it true that i produce less VTHO than a simple 1M strength node?

  12. Hello, I’ve kept my VET coins locked up since the March 20, 2018 deadline and am in possession of a StrengthXNode. I’ve kept my coins locked up in my VTHO wallet, and have never gone below the 1.6 million VET mark. Yet my StrengthXNode has only paid out just over 400,000 VTHO to date. Which according to calculations is less than 30% of what I should be getting. I’m averaging about 8,000 VTHO per month, but should be getting approximately 30,000 per month. My StrengthXNode was one of the ones that had trouble starting up from the beginning, if you can recall that happening. I don’t think I even got the correct Bonus from the 6 month lockup period. Because I only received 14,000 VTO. I’ve made attempts to email VeChain recently through the address provided in the wallet, but no one has even gotten back to me. Very discouraging. I want to upgrade to a ThunderXNode, and have been collecting VET to do so. But have had second thoughts when I recently discovered this problem. Anyone out there holding a StrengthXNode that can tell me how much VTHO you’ve collected so far? Is anyone else having the same problem??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. From a long time loyal VET holder.


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