Powered by VeChain’s blockchain technology, VIMworld is a smart NFT platform for collectibles digital characters.

In this post we will explain what VIMs are, how they function and dive into the features of the VIMworld platform.

VIMs – digital collectible tokens on the VeChain Blockchain

A VIM, which stands for Virtually Integrated Metadata is a smart non-fungible token (NFT) living on the VeChainThor blockchain.

GrOwl – one of the VIMs currently available

Each VIM can be seen as a digital character with unique properties and capabilities. VIMs can be collected, traded as well as used in games (for example games played on the PlayTable).

Using NFC technology, VIMs can come to life by connecting the digital token with real life collectibles.

Right now VIMworld by 8Hours has already partnered up with some impressive names in the gaming industry, like Michael Katz, who has been the president of Atari‘s video game division as well as the President of SEGA Entertainment USA. Another big name advising 8Hours is Ray Hatoyama, who previously was the CEO of Hello Kity as well as a Pokemon advisor. Last but not least is Kai Huang, Co-Founder of Guitar Hero, who has also become an official advisor of Playtable.

VIMworld has partnered with various game publishers. Catan Studio (Catan), and Asmodee (Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne) are among the list of publishers working together with the team.

Together with its partners and advisors, the 8Hours Foundation will release branded VIMs in the future which can be collected.

Did you know that the PlayTable gaming console is another product by the 8Hours Foundation?

VIMworld and VIMs will play an important role in the games on the Playtable platform. To find out more about Playtable go to Playtable.com

Each VIM has various unique properties:

1. VIM tier level

The most important characteristic of a VIM is its tier level. Currently, there are seven tiers going from lowest to highest – F, E, D, C, B, A and S. This tier level is determined by the amount of EHrT (the token powering the 8Hours platform) is stored inside the VIM.

S-tier VIMs get additional rewards, like discounts, giveaways and EHrT from the VIMpool (more on that later) distributed on a bi-weekly basis.

2. EGGs

EGGs are Electronically Gifted Goodies that can be hatched by S tier level VIMs to create a companion.

3. Companions

Companions, hatched from EGGs by S tier level VIMs, give your VIMs special abilities making them even more valuable. Some abilities mentioned are discounts on the VIMworld platform or airdrops of EHrT tokens.

4. Treasures

Treasures are ‘colored tokens’ that collectors can use to amplify the value of a VIM. These treasures are distributed by developers and brands within the 8Hours ecosystem and each of them provides unique value like rewards, authentication, and special events for your VIM.

Upgrading your VIMs

Users can upgrade the tier level of their VIM by feeding EHrT to their VIM, the more EHrT a VIM holds, the more real-life value it holds.

Depending on the VIM tier level, there is a maximum amount of EHrT you can feed your VIM every day. Every day at 00:00 (UTC) the day resets and you can feed your VIM again.


EHrT fed to your VIMs makes them more valuable and powerful, and the EHrT inside a VIM can be withdrawn anytime (withdrawal coming soon), it always remains your EHrT!

For users that don’t want to visit VIMworld every day to feed their VIMs, there also is the instant upgrade option, although more expensive, it allows you to instantly upgrade your VIM to the next tier.

Part of the additional fee paid for instant upgrade goes into the VIMpool. Bi-weekly the EHrT inside the VIMpool gets rewarded to all users holding an S-tier VIM!

The frontpage when you visit vimworld.com

VIMworld features

VIMworld.com is the platform from which you can acquire new VIMs or interact with your current ones.

Launched on August 21st, VIMworld currently is in an early access stage, and allows you to you to view your VIMs, feed them and to acquire new VIMs from the VIMdispenser. In future releases of VIMworld more features will be added like a market to trade your VIMs as well as various games to play with your VIMs.

Make sure to check out the following video by the CEO John Dempsey introducing VIMworld:


Getting ready to use VIMworld

VIMworld can only be accessed using the VeChainThor Mobile wallet (Android | iOS) or Sync, the official VeChain Desktop Wallet.


The VIMventory is the place where you can view all the VIMs that are stored in your wallet.

An example of two Armstrong VIMs, one being D-tier while the other one is a valuable A-tier VIM

From within the VIMventory you can:

  • Learn more about your VIM like its stats, background story and age.
  • View any treasures and companions held by your VIM
  • Feed your VIM to increase its tier
  • Transfer your VIM to another VeChain Address
Currently there is no official market place to buy and sell VIMs yet, since VIMs right now are extremely valuable and in high demand, multiple groups are offering OTC services to buy VIMs from. Please watch out when using these services, there is a risk involved given its centralized setup.


We suggest to wait until the official market place is released to trade your VIMs.


The VIMdispenser is the place where the 8Hours Foundations puts new VIMs up for sale.

The VIMdispenser gets filled with various VIMs on a regular base, make sure to follow VIMworld on Twitter so you can be notified when it happens.

For the past weeks, there have been various VIMdispenser events in which users could get a chance to buy a VIM from the dispenser. But given the limited supply and huge demand, so far all VIMs got sold out within seconds.

Adopt-A-VIM program

Due to overwhelming demand, the team has launched an Adopt-A-VIM program. If you are new and would like to get your first VIM, this is the perfect way to get started!

This cute grOwl is looking to get adopted

To start your journey you can adopt an E-Tier GrOwl VIM with 300 EHrT pre-loaded for $50 by register using the following form: vimworld.com/adoptavim

Upcoming features

Right now the platform is in Early access stage where the VIMventory and VIMdispenser are available.

In level 2 of the VIMworld development stages, more interactivity with your VIMs will be made possible. The first official game in which you can use your VIMs will be released during this stage.

At level 3, VIMs will come to life, what this exactly means is still unclear, however it is expected that at this stage you will be able to connect your VIMs to objects in the real world.

In level 4 the VIMworld platform will be opened to its top tier partners and they will use all the capabilities of the VIMworld platform to create and share their own VIMs.

EHrT – the VIMworld ecosystem token

VIMworld is powered by the EHrT token minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain. EHrT can be stored on in the official VeChain Wallets.

The EHrT has various functions in the VIMworld ecosystem:

  • You buy new VIMs using EHrT from the VIMdispenser or any other promotional actions (like the Adopt-A-VIM program).
  • Every day you can feed EHrT to your VIM, feed him enough and your VIM get a tier upgrade which includes new artwork and improved stats.
  • EHrT can be used to instantly upgrade your VIMs to the next tier level (if you don’t want to wait for the daily feeding).

The VIMpool

A part of the platform fees and revenues are collected in the VIMpool. 5% of the EHrT of every instant upgrade, minting of VIMs or trades on the VIM marketplace is allocated to the VIMpool.

On a bi-weekly basis a share of the EHrTs in the VIMpool are paid out to S-Tier VIM holders. This is a great way to earn some extra income from your VIMs!

Click here to learn more about the S-Tier rewards program and VIMpool.

Where to buy EHrT

EHrT can currently be bought on bitrue.com and has an EHRT/BTC trading pair. More exchanges are coming soon according to the team.

For the latest information and announcements, follow the official Twitter at @VIMworldGlobal and join official Telegram channel at t.me/vimworld


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