The best Official and Third Party VeChain (VET) Wallets (2019)

Store your coins using hardware or software solutions


In this guide you will learn how to store your VeChain coins in the safest possible way. This guide can be used to store VET, VTHO as well as all the VIP-180 VeChain ICO tokens.

We recommend to never keep your coins on an exchange, make sure you are responsible for your own security. Why trust a third party to do it for you?

Official VeChain mobile wallet

  • Security: secure
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Aimed at: VEN holders who don’t have a hardware wallet.
  1. Download and install the VeChainThor mobile Wallet for Android or iOS
  2. Accept the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy and set your 6 digit login password in the next step.
  3. Click on “Create Wallet” and follow the instructions provided by the App. You will need to create a wallet name (you can store multiple wallets in the mobile app) and assign a password.  This password is needed when you want to make transactions, so please remember it!
  4. After the creation of your wallet, you will be given a unique mnemonic phrase (12 words). Write this down and store it in a safe location. The mnemonic phrase is your only way to restore your wallet if needed in the future, so make sure you keep it safe.
  5. To prevent anyone from getting access to your mnemonic phrase, it is best to write it down on multiple pieces of paper that you store in various locations (your house + your parents for example).
  6. Do not store your mnemonic key in your mail, cloud services or mobile phone for security reasons.
  7. After installation of the wallet, the mnemonic phrase will be destroyed and there is no way to recover this, so KEEP IT SAFE AND SECURE.
  8. Congrats! You have now set up your mobile wallet and you are able to send your coins and tokens to it.

Official VeChain web wallet using a nano ledger

instructions coming soon

Official VeChain desktop wallet

The VeChain desktop wallet is currently under beta. We suggest to not use it until it is officially released.

Official VeChain hardware wallet

A hardware wallet designed by VeChain is on the VeChain roadmap, more details will be released after its release.

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