Node and rewards overview september 2018


Each month we will give you an overview of the number of the various nodes as well as an overview of the expected VTHO node rewards.

With mainnet up and running and almost all VEN swapped to VET, it is time to take a look at how the current circulating supply is distributed between wallets.

By placing a certain amount of VeChain inside a wallet, one can become a node after a certain period. Nodes will get an additional VTHO reward compared to non-node holders.

Click here to read more about the various node types and how you can get one.

Node snapshot

Overview of the number of nodes:

During the snapshot there were a total of 5045 x-nodes as well as 1233 normal nodes.

Overview of VET stored in the nodes:

Over 34 billion VET has currently been stored in nodes soft locking over 60% of the total  56,6 billion circulating supply according to the latest financial report.

All data is provided with help from VeForge Explore.

Node rewards based on a snapshot

Using the information provided above it is possible to calculate node rewards. Please note that node rewards fluctuate constantly since nodes come and go and the VET stored in the various wallets also fluctuates.

By taking a snapshot of all nodes each month, we can monitor how the node rewards will change over time.

B = Base VeThor generation rate for 1 VET held (0.000432 VeThor a day);
FR = Amount of VET distributed from the Foundation Reward Pool (15 billion VET);
F = Amount of VeThor the Foundation Reward Pool generates per Day (150 billion VET x 0.000432 = 6,480,000 VeThor);
A = Number of Authority Node designated VET (101 nodes x 25,000,000 = 2,525,000,000 VET);
M = Number of Mjolnir Masternodes designated VET (variable);
= Number of Thunder nodes designated VET (variable);
= Number of Strength nodes designated VET (variable);
NB = BASE reward generation rate for all Nodes.

Economic Nodes extra VeThor reward formula , F, M, T, S is known, Solve for NB
F =(A*NB*(1+100%))+ (M*NB*(1+100%)) + (T*NB(1+50%)) + (S*NB(1+0%)).


Reward type three is given to all economic nodes, except for VeThor X nodes:
NB = 0.000153

Reward type four is given to all X nodes:
NBx = 0.0000712

Rewards overview

By making use of the following picture provided by the Foundation, we can now calculate all rewards:

Please note that we have seen rewards fluctuate by as much as 10% from day to day, so use these numbers as an indicator.

All data provided in the tables below has been validated using the VTHO rewards pay-out that has taken place on 17-09-2018 and is the average of the last 7 days.

 Non nodeAuthority Node*Economic Nodes
Thrudheim Masternode (25M)Mjolnir Node (15M)Thunder Node (5M)Strength Node (1M)
Reward type 10,0004320,0004320,0004320,0004320,000432
Reward type 3-0,000307
Reward type 4-----
TOTAL VeThor generated per VET per day0,0004320,0007390,0007390,0006620,000585
VeThor generation compared to Non-node100%171%171%153%136%
*Authority Nodes also get 30% of all VTHO used
 X nodes
Mjonir X Node (15,6M)Thunder X Node (5,6M)Strength X Node (1,6M)VeThor X Node (600K)
Reward type 10,0004320,0004320,0004320,000432
Reward type 30,0003070,000230
Reward type 40,0001420,0001070,0000710,0000178
TOTAL VeThor generated per VET per day0,0008810,0007690,0006570,000450
VeThor generation compared to Non-node204%178%152%104%

Compared to the other X nodes, it can be seen that the rewards for the VeThor X nodes are rather low. This is why I expect a lot of VeThor X nodes to upgrade in the upcoming months. It will be interesting to see how this develops (of course X status has much more benefits than just the VTHO rewards).

What’s your opinion on the VTHO rewards? After seeing this numbers are you planning to upgrade your node? Please let us know in the comments below!


      • you can purchase a used X node using “collectables” on the mobile wallet. Best price I found was 450k Vet and then be able to deposit 1.6mil into a Strength X wallet. I’m thinking about it now, it’s just that at current prices (1/2 a cent ea/Vet) I don’t know if the long term advantages are worth it. It will cost me +$2500.
        Sketchy info warns of non-X losing value and X lasting forever. In other words X nodes pay a little more now and can”t be cancelled. Non-X nodes will one day stop paying Vthor. What do you think?

  1. hello? Is there anybody out there? It’s middle of August, 2019. This is when Vechain promised, way back when, that we would start seeing action.

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