Recap of the interview between MacMac and Safe Haven’s CEO


In an interview done by MacMac007, Logino Dujardin (CEO of Safe Haven), releases some great new information about the Safe Haven project.

You can read our summary of the interview below, or watch the interview yourself here:

The alpha release of the ThorPay service is expected this quarter with the beta expected to arrive near the end of this quarter. Read more about the ThorPay service in the Introduction post:

On the usage of SHA and MasterNodes

To use ThorPay as well as other solutions like ThorBlock, you will need to have SHA inside your wallet. SHA will be used as the currency needed to pay for these services. In the background, this SHA will automatically be converted to VTHO, the gas that is needed to pay for transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain.

Of the SHA that is used, a certain percentage (still to be decided, Logino gave 80% as an example) will be burned, while another part will go to a reward pool that gets distributed to SHA MasterNode holders.

By burning the SHA on usage, the amount of SHA available will slowly go down, driving up the price of the SHA token!

At this time, unfortunately, Logino couldn’t give more details about the requirements to become a (Senior) Safe Haven MasterNode holder, but more details on the master nodes are coming this month! All Logino could say so for now, is that the Nodes will have various tiers.

Working together with various Governments

Safe Haven is currently talking to various governments to make sure their solutions (like the inheritance platform) will meet local regulations. Logino confirms that they have talks with the governments of Belgium, Germany as well as Cyprus.

The Safe Haven roadmap

When asked about the filled roadmap for the first half of 2019 (see the picture below), Logino says that he is looking forward to the release of their Inheritance platform. The Safe Haven Foundation has already had a lot of requests to integrate SHA’s Inheritance solution into their products.

The TAN (Trust Alliance Network) will become the go-to social hub for legal entities, notaries, financial advisors, and blockchain developers.

The TAN will become the source for reliable information on laws and regulations about blockchain technology.

Safe Haven currently still determining how they will integrate the SHA token in their TAN solution. The current idea is that members that want to become a part of the TAN, have to lock a certain amount of SHA for the period they want to be a member of the TAN.

New exchanges for Safe Haven

Logino confirms that they are talking to various crypto exchanges on a daily base (although he can’t give names or time frames). Not just to get listed, but also to integrate the SHA inheritance solution in those exchanges.

Logino is looking forward to getting listed on, they already meet the trading volume requirements, and now just need a second exchange listing before they can get added.

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About Safe Haven (SHA)

Safe Haven provides individuals as well as enterprises with solutions to better manage their digital assets.

The Safe Haven Foundation creates solutions for digital assets management such as wallets, masternode solutions, pooling services as well as inheritance solutions.
Next to this Safe haven creates Fintech solutions to encrypt and distribute digital asset shares between stakeholders or family members.

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