Safe Haven Token Generation Event details and dates released


After announcing the release of their first product ThorBlock earlier this week, Safe Haven has now released the details for their much anticipated Token Generation Event.

The token generation event will consist of various rounds, in the first few rounds VeChain’s most loyal investors get to buy Safe Haven (SHA) first.

The sale ends with a final round in which the general public gets a chance to buy SHA using ThorBlock, or on the OceanEx exchange which is expected to launch near the end of this month.

You can find all the details of the Safe Haven TGE in the official medium post, or take a look at the table below in which we have summarized all the details:

PrivateJune 25, 2018completedmin: 15.000 VET1 VET = 11.36 SHALockup of bonus required for 6 months.
Authority and Mjolnir RoundOctober 8th, 22:00 (UTC+8)October 15th, 23:30 (UTC+8)min: 30.000 VET
max: 10.000.000 VET
1 VET = 11.36 SHALockup of 6 months required For Authority/Mjolnir nodes bonus.
X-Node RoundOctober 8th, 22:00 (UTC+8)October 15th, 23:30 (UTC+8)min: 10.000 VET
max: 10.000.000 VET
1 VET = 10.00 SHA
Economic Node RoundOctober 16th, 22:00 (UTC+8)October 23th, 23:30 (UTC+8)min: 10.000 VET
max: 3.000.000 VET
1 VET = 10.00 SHA
Other VET holdersOctober 16th, 22:00 (UTC+8)October 23th, 23:30 (UTC+8)min: 10.000 VET
max: 3.000.000 VET
1 VET = 9.09 SHAYou need to have at least 10.000 VET in your wallet
Public roundsold outsold outmin: 10.000 VET
max: 3.000.000 VET
1 VET = 9.09 SHAThe public round has been canceled since all available SHA was sold in the previous rounds
Please note: All prices are post 1:100 token split
During the ICO 39,5% of the tokens were be sold. Read the official ICO details here and here.

How to take part in the Token Generation Event

The process to buy SHA is really easy and consists of 4 separate steps:

  1. Sign up on After the sign up make sure you fill in your node wallet address, so your node status can be confirmed.
  2. Verify your identity by going through the KYC Process.
  3. After you are verified click on “contribute in the community sale” button.
  4. Send your VET to the contribution address and fill in the transaction ID (TXID) in the box and click on submit.

If you have done all four steps successfully, you will receive your SHA tokens 14 days after the Token Generation Event has finished.

Instructions on how to buy SHA on ThorBlock or OceanEx will be released at a later date.

About Safe Haven

Safe Haven provides various solutions to manage and distribute cryptocurrency assets using VeChain’s blockchain technology.

By combining a network of legal entities in the TAN network with blockchain technology, one of Safe Haven’s main features is the Family Circle Plan (TFC) in which users can manage what happens to their crypto coins in case they pass away.

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