The OceanEx exchange is now live


The OceanEx exchange has been launched on November 30th, shortly after finishing a successful public Alpha.

Trading, as well as Withdrawals, are possible since 11:00 (UTC+8) for the following pairs:


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to withdraw the listed coins, but this is expected to be enabled within the week.

On its first day after launch, for the VET/USDT pair, OceanEx already did 10% of the volume compared to Binance. With all upcoming features and listings, it will only be a matter of time before most of the trading for VeChain’s tokens will occur on OceanEx.

New listings

OceanEx has announced that it will support the listing of all VeChain Foundation backed tokens, and OCE, SHA and PLA will be the first coins to be listed.

Currently, it is unknown when these new listings will take place.

Promotion programs

Oceanex is currently running multiple programs to launch and promote the exchange.

Home-field advantage plan

To support the VeChain ecosystem, withdrawal and trading fees for VET and VTHO will be 50% off until further notice.

The result is that the trading fee is only 0.05% on the VET/BTC, VET/ETH, VTHO/VET and VET/USDT pairs. Withdrawal fees are only 50 VET and 20 VTHO.

Read more about the home-field advantage plan here.

Early Voyagers Plan

To promote new sign-ups and traders using the OceanEx platform the team is giving out 30M in OCE rewards. There are three possible ways to get a reward:

Early Voyager’s Treasure Chests – 5000 OCE reward

To get this chest you need to have signed up and deposited at least 100.000 VET between Nov 30th and Dec 13th. To get the chest you can’t withdraw this VET until Dec 13th, 20:00 UTC+8)

Freshman’s Treasure Chest – 8000 OCE reward

To get this chest you need to have signed up, deposited at least 100.000 VET and have finished your Identity Verification (KYC) between Nov 30th and Dec 13th. To get the chest you can’t withdraw this VET until Dec 13th, 20:00 UTC+8.

Lucky Chests – 10.000 OCE reward

Until December 13th, each day (from 20:00 to 20:00 UTC+8) the first 5 deposits of at least 50.000 VET that have a transaction ID ending in a 7 win a Lucky Chest with 10.000 OCE.

Read more about the Early Voyagers Plan here.

Pilot whale program

Pilot whales will be the first type of membership in the upcoming WhaleClub. To help build the OceanEx ecosystem the team is looking for community volunteers who want to help out the community, give early feedback on new functions and features by working closely with the OceanEx team.

To apply or read more about the pilot whale program click here.

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