VeChain has a strong team spread out between offices around the world. The CEO is Sunny Lu, who has a wealth of experience in leading IT teams thanks to his previous experience as CIO of Louis Vuitton China.

VeChain currently has 100+ employees across offices around the world. The team has stated that they expect to hire 100+ new employees in 2018 to be able to cope with the growing demand for the VeChain platform.

Here is the VeChain core team that is making all this possible:

1Sunny Lu – CEO

With over 13 years experience as an IT executive, Sunny Lu, a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has a major in Electronics and communication engineering. He is also the former CIO of Louis Vuitton China and has been working on the VeChain project since the beginning in 2015. He is currently the CEO of VeChain.

2Jay Zhang – CFO

He is the Chief Finance Officer at VeChain and boasts of over 14 years experience working for both Deloitte and PwC as the senior manager. He also joined VeChain back in 2015 and has been leading the Blockchain governance framework design and digital assets establishment teams at VeChain.

3Kevin Feng – COO

Kevin Feng is an experienced Chief operation officer (COO) at VeChain with over 12 years of consulting and expertise in cybersecurity, assurance, privacy and emerging technology experience under his belt.  Since joining VeChain in 2018 January, Kevin Feng has been in charge of driving Blockchain service delivery and development for the PwC China and Hong Kong region.

4JianLiang Gu – CTO

After graduating from Shanghai University with a Masters Degree in cybernetics, Jianliang Gu (the chief tech officer at VeChain) boats of over 16 years of experience in developing and managing both software and hardware. He has also worked with TCL as the technical director.

5Richard Fu – VP Marketing

With over 20years, Richard Fu has worked with a variety of multinational enterprises including LVHM and Shangri-la. He specializes in sales and marketing and joined the VeChain team where he is directing the PR and marketing department.

6Chin Qian – VP Sales & Channel

Chin joined VeChain in 2017 and contributes to the team as a director of business and a partner with recruitment and management skills. He has also previously worked for HP with over 10 years of gathering experience to become an expert project marketer.

7Bin Qian – Chief blockchain dev

With over a decade of developing mobile applications and coming up with industry solutions, Bin Qian is without a doubt a P2P network technology expert. He has a specialty in coming up with innovative internet applications that are based on real-time communication systems.

8Peter Zhou – Chief scientist

While working as a University of Kent’s postdoctoral researcher Peter was later on involved in European Commission and Academy of Finland funded projects as he gained tons of experience in research. As part of the revolutionary VeChain team, Peter Zhou is adding value to the project as the chief scientist. He is also a senior research scientist at the University of Oulu in Finland.

9Jerome Grilleres – General manager Vechain Europe

With over 8 years of experience in Business Strategy and Development in retail banking, Jerome Grilleres brings about a wealth of experience to the VeChain project. He is currently the VeChain Europe region General Manager and holds an MBA and an MSC in computer science from London business school. Plus he has also had over 5 years experience in developing real-time trading apps in the banking and investment sector.

10Sarah Nabaa – General manager Vechain Signapore

Before she joined the VeChain project last year, Sarah had already gathered 3 years experience of being a proprietary retail trader.  Sarah Nabaa is a serial entrepreneur and business partner who bootstrapped her way into a startup consultation business  ( after selling her e-commerce business) where she helped SMEs get the most efficient digital marketing strategies. She is a graduate of NTU with a background in electrical and electronic engineering.

A tour inside VeChain’s main office

Want to see how the office looks like? Than you should check out the following youtube video that gives you a tour of VeChain’s main office in Shanghai.


  1. I just purchased a Nano Ledger S on eBay with the Vechain logo. The seller said he got several for his hard work on the team. Is this legit or a possible scammer?


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