A complete guide to the VeChain VEN to VET token swap


In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about the VEN to VET token swap and show you a step by step guide on how to swap your tokens.

For the official information from the VeChain foundation on the token swap, please see the following two tweets. In the first Tweet, VeChain explains how to perform the token swap using the VeChainThor Wallet:

VeChain also released a great video with all details about the token swap.

Because there is a lot of information we have created an easy to follow method to swap your VEN to VET.

General token swap FAQ

  • What is a token swap? What is the difference between VEN and VET? VEN is the Ethereum based token that could be bought during the ICO and on exchanges after the ICO. VET is the native coin of the VeChainThor platform. During the token swap, you can swap your VEN to VET tokens.
  • How much VET is 1 VEN worth? 1 VEN is worth 100 VET.
  • How long do I have to perform the token swap? The token swap will remain available untill further notice
  • Something went wrong, can you help me? No, we don’t offer support, but feel free to ask your question in the comments below or ask for support in one of the official VeChain Telegram channels.

How to do the VEN to VET token swap guide

By following this guide, you will download the VeChainThor mobile wallet, setup a VET wallet and than perform a token swap using the app.

  1. Download and install the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet (iOS | Android)
  2. Accept the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy and set your 6 digit login password in the next step.
  3. Click on “Create Wallet” and follow the instructions provided by the App
  4. After the creation of your wallet, you will be given a unique mnemonic phrase. Write this down and store it in a safe location. The mnemonic phrase is your only way to restore your wallet if needed in the future, so make sure you keep it safe.
    1. To prevent anyone from getting access to your mnemonic phrase, it is best to write it down on multiple pieces of paper that you store in various locations (your house + your parents for example).
    2. Do not store your mnemonic key in your mail, cloud services or mobile phone for security reasons.
    3. After installation of the wallet, the mnemonic phrase will be destroyed and there is no way to recover this, so KEEP IT SAFE AND SECURE.
  6. Now we have created a wallet we can start with the actual token swap process. Click on Me > VET Token Swap service. Accept the service agreement and click on Start.
  7. Select the wallet you just created, this is where your VET after the token swap will go to. DO NOT SEND YOUR ERC-20 VEN TO YOUR VET ADDRESS.
  8. Input the Ethereum address from which you will send your VEN and input the amount of VEN you want to swap.
  9. You are now given an intermediary address (the receiver address).
  10. Send a test transaction to this intermediary address:
    1. Send 0.01 VEN to this intermediary address.
    2. Wait a few days until you receive 1 VET back. Token swaps are processed twice a week by the team, so don’t worry it can take a few days!
    3. Only send your VEN to this intermediary address, never to your VET address!
    4. Once you have received your 1 VET back, you know you did the swap correctly and you can now send the remainder of your VEN!
  11. With the test transaction successfully done, you can now send the remainder of your VEN holdings to your intermediary address.
    1. Wait a few days again and you should have received your VET in  your wallet
  12. Congrats, the token swap is done. If you need help please contact support@vechain.com and they will be able to assist you further!


  1. I can’t find “Me > VET Token Swap service” in VechainThor Wallet to swap my VEN from Etherium Wallet imToken. What I have to do?

  2. I can’t find “Me > VET Token Swap service” in VechainThor Wallet to swap my VEN from Etherium Wallet imToken. What I have to do?

  3. I can’t find the button either. However, it does pop up for half a second upon the first load in the rewards tab.

    Now, it does say in their video and youtube tutorials to send it to the intermediary address once the 0.01 has been confirmed. BUT. The official video says to do that once the swap service becomes available. The service becomes available August 10 according to the method above.

    I’m testing it with 1 VEN now. Give it the 6 – 12 hours and see if it swaps. If it does I will do the rest!

    Anyone there now who has performed this?

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue, I read the instructions and cannot find the “Vet token swap service”

  5. Until when can you change? Date? Can it happen that you missed the change and after the change no longer possible?

  6. hi is the vchain thor wallet sill having issues as the swap option of ven to vet does not appear in the wallet as it is shown above

  7. I transferred VET from Binance to my Vechain (VEN) wallet with Zebpay. A transaction ID was generated and the transaction shows complete on the blockchain however the coins are not yet transferred to the Zebpay wallet. What could have gone wrong? could it be because i transferred VET to VEN wallet? What do I do now?

  8. Hi,
    I’m trying to convert VEN to VET using X Node binding using the app. It says that my Ethereum VEN wallet address is wrong but I’m pretty sure I’m submitting the right one.

    Am I late for the deadline or why it does not recognise the right address?



  9. My Enjin wallet address is not being accepted. Maybe I have to wait until Aug 10. Never knew owning a token could be this much hassle and time consuming.

  10. On method B,
    “5. Wait 6 to 12 hours, while the token swap takes place. During this time, the ERC-20 VEN you send to the intermediary address will be “destroyed” and in return, VET will be sent to your VET wallet.”

    Do we transfer the remaining VEN into the intermediary address after the swap happens after ?

    Or do we transfer the remaining VEN into the intermediary address once the 0.01VEN transfer is successful?

  11. I am not getting a valid transaction for the Ven to Vet swap via MEW. I accidentally sent 2 transactions of .01 VEN to the contract. Could this be an issue? (doing the swap to the mobile wallet).

  12. I have vechain coin in my zebpay account and zebpay delisted it how can i send my vechain in vechain thor wallet? Please help

  13. I invested in VEN a few weeks ago at HitBTC exchange, because VEN was not available at the Binance exchange. Or at least I did not see it there. When VET was announced, I expected HitBTC to do the swap to VET for me, but it has not done that yet and VEN is still active there. Anyone here know when HitBTC will do that? If not, what can I do to get the swap?

  14. Paul I just tried in my VeChain Wallet and I have the Same as you and there is no VET Token Swap Service on my Wallet either…………Sure Glad I did not send my VEN token directly to the VeChain Wallet before reading a lot of the Info………

  15. I keep getting No Internet Access when trying to swap the ven to vet token…. it happens while confirming wallet.

  16. Hi, I made big mistake sending my VEN directly to VeChainThor adress and now I can see them only in EtherTracker. Is there any way to get it back or any way to have that money back? 🙁

          • 1.Download imToken Version 1.4.6 (DO NOT DOWNLOAD imToken 2) from App Store;
            2.Export the keystore of the VeChainThor address from the VeChainThor wallet;
            3.Import the keystore file into an Ethereum wallet(e.g.Imtoken), you will be asked to input the password of the keystore. It is same as the wallet password you set in the VeChainThor wallet;
            4.If it is imported successfully, you will be able to restore this address in the Ethereum wallet and gain control over the ERC20 VEN token.
            5.Remember to create a new VeChainThor wallet and follow the Manual.

            This works!

  17. Hi. My ledger now shows the same number of VET than i had bevor in VEN. For example 10 Vet instead of 1000. I tried to send 0.01 to the intermediare adress but didnt receive. Thx for help.

  18. I am trying to use the Token Swap Service on the mobile app and in step three I need to send .01 VEN to an intermediary address.

    However, when I’m logged into myEtherWallet, there is no option for me to select that token to send. I only see the other tokens that I have in my wallet. So how can I do this intermediary step if there’s no way for me to select VEN as the token to send to the intermediary address?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • I am also on MEW and can see my VET balance as it was when it was VEN. Try loading VET on the show all tokens button.
      I have been trying to get the .01 VET (VEN) to the intermediary as per manual but the TX comes back as failed even after 260 confirmations. I get the following:
      Contract 0xd850942ef8811f2a866692a623011bde52a462c1 (VeChainToken)
      Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]
      ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log), check with sender.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      • I had the same problem.

        You have to transfer your VEN in liqui to a wallet. I transferred it to MEW. Then I downloaded the vechain thor wallet for mobile and followed the instructions. Sending the initial 0.01 may take longer than the 10 min they highlighted.

  19. I’ve not been keeping track of my crypto for a while and just realised I need to swap. Hoping I haven’t missed the boat! What’s the best way to swap if my VEN is in a nano ledger via MEW?

  20. Hi, I bought VET (as VET) from Binance yesterday. Then sent them to my MEW. Then tried to load VET on the “show all tokens” button. But still 0 in VET balance? The transaction from Binance looks ok, with a transaction id and status OK. Why cant I see the tokens sent? I didn´t buy them as VEN so no need to swap right?

    Any help would be much appriciated!

    Thank you

    • Hello Mattias,

      Did you figure out, how to recover your vechains, I did the same mistake … Are they definitely lost ? Or there’s still hope ? 😉

  21. Hans (or anyone!),

    HitBTC has still not credited me back with my VEN coins. The only message I got from them is that they are still in negotiations with VEN about the swap. Anyone that had VEN in HitBTC, please post here and let me us know if you know just what is going on at HitBTC. It is Sept 20 now. Binance had their swap completed over a month ago now. This is disheartening to see your funds go to zero for VEN.

  22. I’ve got VẸN in Hitbtc but I can not withdraw, transfer or do something with it. Hitbtc offline my VEN account why like that. Somebody help me?

  23. Can i just transfer my VEN on an exchange to an ERC20 wallet without any problems? And then follow tje steps to transfer VEN to VET.. Thanks

  24. Hi, I sent VET from Binance to Bitbox (who still uses VEN but they said they support mainnet for all coins) And my deposit never showed up and now they say they changed their story and are saying they don’t support VET only VEN… What do you think of this? See their mainnet suport policy: https://www.bitbox.me/notice/20093628

    • Hi, we can’t help you with this, please contact Bitbox support and see if they can transfer your funds back

      • I contacted them but they just keep saying that they are investigating and i have to wait wait wait… In the mean time they also unlisted VEN… While the Bitbox 24h volume was above a whopping 1 billions usd, there was only a single sell order on their VEN market for months. It doesn<t smell good at all. I think they just didn<t understand how Vechain work and they made me loose my money and they domt even seem willing to take responsability for their mistakes.

  25. What about Ledger Nano S. Is it possible to swap inside the vechain app? Couldn’t find anything about this. Still have my VEN on MEW

  26. it has been 30 minutes since I have sent my 0.01ven to the intermediary adress and the mobile wwallet still does not see the tx, should I wait more or panic ?

  27. I swapped .01 VEN to VET successfully on October 8th with the mobile wallet using the intermediary address. My understanding is that the balance of my VEN should have then been swapped. It still has not. It’s been nearly 10 days and my wallet still shows a balance of just the 1 VET. What should I do now?

  28. Hi,

    while the token swap via Thor wallet wallet i did 2 transaktions to the intermediary by accident. Now its 0.02 ven instead 0.01 ven and “no valid transactions” shows up every time i want to do step 3 of the token swap. Any ideas to solve the problem?


  29. I haven’t swapped my VEN to VET yet (december 2018). I store them with Trezor (myEtherWallet).

    Is it too late to do the swap?

    Is there anyone who have information?

    Thanks in advance

  30. As far as I know, VET has become available on Changenow, for quick exchange without registration. I used this exchanger earlier, so this is great news for me.

  31. Hi guys,

    I already sent 0.01 VEN and 1 VET arrived 29 days ago.

    When I want to send the rest to the same intemediary address, MEW giving me:
    Status: Failed
    Transaction has been reverted by the EVM

    What could this be?

  32. I buy VET on 26/07/2019 transaction ID: 0x8afde7b403b596a80d734e463613815912ae705570272877d77ad224bf9b6a2e

    and I do not find my VET in my wallet.

    how to do ?

  33. Hello I am following the instructions to swap my VEN for VET on the ap. In Step 1 it is not displaying any wallets to proceed. Is there another way to swap? Are exchanges still swapping VEN for VET?

  34. Is there anyway to get help about swapping VEN to VET? my wallet shows “processing” for days now. Please point me to where I can get support.

    • Hi Danial, did you get it sorted and which method did you use as I have just some VEN I had in myetherwallet that needs exchanging

  35. Hi,
    I have the same problem. The transaction to intermediary address is pending more than 24h. Did it work for you? Is there any other way to swap ven to vet? Thanks a lot

  36. I have the same problem it is still “processing” after 24 hours,
    is the token swap from VEN to VET still possible?

  37. Hi
    Does Method B still work – I hold VEN in Exodus but missed this swap back when it happened……Can I still follow Method B and send to intermediary address once I have set up my VET wallet?

  38. FYI from the Support Team:
    Dear VET holder,
    Firstly, need to remind that One intermediary can only bind one ERC20 address. Once you finish binding one VEN address to one intermediary address, DO NOT transfer VEN from a different address to the same intermediary address (which will result in the lost of your token). If you want to bind another ERC20 address, please sent up a new VeChainThor wallet address, and then do the process from the begining once again.

    Secondly, when the Intermediary Address receives the VENs, the Wallet will transfer 100 times of VETs to the recipient Wallet address on Tuesdays and Fridays during working hours (UTC+8). You may could wait for several days to see if the 0.01 VEN is converted successfully, and then to decide the next step.

    If you have followed the right procedure to do the token swap, when the Intermediary Address receives the VENs, the Wallet will transfer 100 times of VETs to the recipient Wallet address on Tuesdays and Fridays during working hours (UTC+8).

    • Great advice but I made the mistake of sending my remaining VEN to my new VeChainThor wallet receive address and not the intermediary, the VEN are showing in etherscan with the ERC20 wallet send address and my new VeChainThor wallet receive address, my Thor wallet only shows 1 VET from first correctly made TX. Is there any chance of recovering my VEN.

  39. My first 0.001 went thrue within 12h with no problems, now iv been w8ing for the rest for more than 26h , it just at “processing” . is this normal?

    • I’m trying to do this, and using MEW to transfer my VEN to the intermediary address it keeps failing with the error: “Returned error: gas required exceeds allowance”. And there is literally no one to ask for help.

  40. Hi, Im having trouble transferring my VEN from my Myetherwallet address to the intermediary address. It says “returned error: gas required exceeds allowance 34145”. I am unsure on why this happens. Is there an issue with the intermediary address? I transferred a bit to this exact same intermediary address about 5 months ago and it worked fine and I have more VEN I forgot to transfer over and cant do it anymore. Has anyone tried this recently and does it still work?

    • You need ETH in your wallet to cover the (at the moment) high gas (i.e. transaction) price. I did it a couple of days ago using over 0.005 ETH as transaction fee. It might be even higher now. It worked to tranfer the 0.01 VEN. But remember, in a couple of days you will have to transfer the rest of your VEN and gas might be even higher then.

      Now I am waiting for the app to finish “processing”, and it has been more than two days. There is no support available…

  41. I transferred 0.01 VEN to an intermediary address on Feb 6th but haven’t yet received the VET tokens in Vechain wallet, is it normal to take that long to get the tokens swaped? Please advise.

  42. I was still able to change my VEN to VET in February 2021, thank you VE chain! Some coins organisations leave their old users behind after a choinswap, but not you. The process still works flawlessly. Thanks again, I’ll hold!

    • Can you please elaborate on the steps you took and the time it took to complete the swap? I recently initiated these steps and am still waiting. It would be nice to have more details as to the process from someone who recently completed the swap.

  43. I successfully sent 0.01 ven and got the 1 vet.

    Now I want to send the rest but the app doesn’t take me through the same procedure – It specifically asked to put in the sending ETH address with the VEN and the specific amount of VEN sending when sending the 0.01 ven.

    Under token swap, Now it just shows the 0.01 ven – 1 vet transaction history and on top it only gives me the option of copying the VEN receiver address. It doesn’t open new windows where I have to put in the different addresses and state the amount of VEN I am sending.

    Is it correct?

  44. Hi all, I need some help. I have a wallet showing my VET on Sync (1 of 5) but when I try to verify or transfer from it using my ledger, Chrome blocks the account checking tick?

  45. Hi, I bought VET (as VET) from Binance . Then sent them to my MEW. Then tried to load VET on the “show all tokens” button. But still 0 in VET balance? The transaction from Binance looks ok, with a transaction id and status OK. Why cant I see the tokens sent? I didn´t buy them as VEN so no need to swap right?

  46. I am trying to do the coin swap. I have transferred 0.1 ven to the intermediate wallet from MEW, I can see it in the wallet on etherscan. The address is correct. But Vechain wallet can not complete the binding because it can’t see any transactions

    • First one I transferred was 40 days ago, the most recent 7 days ago. It’s frustrating because I can see both transfers went through fine. Has anyone figured this out?

  47. Goodafternoon

    I transferred VET from coinverse account to my Vechain (VEN) wallet with Cobo wallet . A transaction ID was generated and the transaction shows complete on the blockchain however the coins are not yet transferred to the cobo wallet. What could have gone wrong? could it be because i transferred VET to VEN wallet? What do I do now?

    With best regards

  48. The swap service worked flawlessly for me using Etherscan, Metamask and my Ledger Nano which is what holds my Ethereum wallet keys.

    The 0.1 was transferred on Sunday, converted into VET on Tuesday, the remainder was sent on Tuesday and converted on Thursday (today).

    Remember you will need ETH in the same wallet to cover the gas fees for sending these tokens and fees are HIGH at the moment on ETH blockchain. Expect to need $15-20 for each transaction of ETH.

    The Vechain Thor wallet does not present you with the step by step instructions for the 2nd transfer after the initial 0.1 transfer. Simply send the remainder to the same intermediary wallet address and wait until Tuesday or Thursday.

    Boom 😊

    • i did it but it still says processing. Did it wed and today is already Monday still says processing. sent .01 to the address

      • “you will receive VET in the recipient address during the next swap window. Swap windows occur every Tuesday and Friday during working hours in the UTC+8 timezone.” Above information is from official Web site.

    • VET is not a ERC20 token anymore, 1) Does the VET go into say Metamask assuming that was my ETH address I used. 2) Does it go into in my case ios Vechain Thor wallet and from there I can shift to using desktop version?

  49. How come I am getting “Address binding failed”, even after I have a successful transaction according to etherscan?

    Does my “sender address” have to be the same as the one listed in the VeChainThor app? If so how can I do that? My VEN is sitting in my Ledger, and I don’t see any way of changing the sender address


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