VeChain March 2019 overview


In this Monthly report, we will give a summary of the most important updates that happened in the VeChain ecosystem during March 2019.


March 7th – Registration for the VeChain Summit 2019 has opened. Read everything you need to know about this event in our writeup:

March 20th – Vechain’s Executive Financial Report Vol. 6 was released. Key highlights are that the circulating supply increased with 2% to 69% of the total supply. 11 full-time employees were hired and the Economic Nodes Reward Pool was lowered by 2.5 billion VET, as stated in the whitepaper.

March 28th – VeChain has announced that Dr. Dan Boneh will speak during the Summit. Dr. Boneh is co-director at the Center for Blockchain Research at Stanford and best known for his many publications in the field of cryptography.

March 28th – A presentation by Sarah Nabaa on how enterprises will use the VeChainThor blockchain during the IoT Asia event.

March 29th – VeChain has announced that X. Eyeé, the Blockchain Ambassador at Microsoft Azure, will be one of the speakers during the VeChain Summit 2019.

Ecosystem Projects

March 4th – OceanEx announces that it will list Plair (PLA) on its exchange platform. Read all the details here.

March 8th – Safe Haven (SHA) has announced that it will integrate its solutions on the Bitrue exchange. Bitrue also announced the listing of the SHA token a few days later.

March 12th – Safe Haven releases the SafeKey FIDO2, offering hardware encryption for both the 2FA and U2F standards.

March 12th – OceanEx Amsterdam meetup in which Nan announced that the OCE token will be listed on March 31st!

March 20th – OceanEx lists (DBET) with a DBET/VET trading pair.

March 26th – Plair releases the Plair Alpha test guide ahead of its Alpha release. Make sure to read it to make the most out of the Plair alpha.

March 28th – Safe Haven gives more details on its Node Program. The snapshot date from which the monitoring of Nodes will start is May 1, 2019, 1300 UTC. Read all the details here.

March 28th – OceanEx announces the OCE Club (BETA), in which OCE token holders will get rewards and benefits for holding OCE. Read more here:

March 29th – Everscore, a blockchain solution to store your personal high scores and accomplishments was announced. Read more here.

March 31st – Safe Haven announces the release of the Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP). The SHIP will now start with a closed BETA program with some of the team’s future partners. Once the closed BETA is finished, the platform will open up for a select group of community members. Read more here.

Team members

March 13th – An interview by CryptoLiveLeak with VeChain’s USA country manager Jason Rockwood during the MIT Bitcoin Expo. He gives a demonstration of what VeChain is capable of.

March 25th – An interview with Jason Rockwood where he talks about his background and role in VeChain can be read on

‘The community is the heart and soul of VeChain’ – Jason Rockwood Country Manager

March 29th – Sunny Lu sharing a picture of their new office in Beijing.


March 6th – Are you a developer and would you like to learn more about how to create dApps running on the VeChainThor platform? Check out these great guide:

March 13th – Community member CryptoShark showing of his Comet avatar in real life.

March 15th – Want to find out more about the CometVerse and how you can customize your Comet? This is the guide to read!

March 20th – Pepi Punami has created a custom network for the VeChainThor blockchain, allowing him to push the chain to its limits and see what the VeChainThor blockchain is capable of.

March 28th – is a great website that I personally use all the time. I know the owner has invested a lot of time (and money!) into this project. Please show him some support and send him some VET!

March 31st – An interesting writeup by one of Ethereum’s core developers and how ETH’s governance has failed.


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