VeChain January 2019 overview


In this Monthly report, we will give a summary of the most important updates that happened in the VeChain ecosystem during January 2019.


Jan 9 – VeChain reflects on 2018 and gives a preview of what is to come in 2019 in a medium post. The goal for 2019 will be to increase the number of valuable transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain. This will be done by onboarding more enterprise clients, but also by providing the community with the tools and knowledge needed to develop on the VeChainThor blockchain.

Jan 10 – My Story™ by DNV GL officially released. My Story logs the history of a product and its ingredients on the VeChainThor blockchain, allowing users to learn more about the product, increasing trust and brand experience.

Jan 11 – Sunny Lu (CEO), Kevin Feng (COO) and Gu Jianliang (CTO) held an hour-long technical AmA. Some of the highlights of the AMA: developers conference will come in April. MIT, Dartmouth, and Stanford have joined the VeResearch program. A global support team will be set up to help developers across the world. New tools and documents coming for developers. Read our recap of the VeChain technical ama here

Jan 17 – VeChain releases Connex. Connex is a javascript object that can be added to websites to interact with the VeChainThor blockchain. VeChain also officially released Sync v1.0. Sync is the official VeChain desktop wallet with an integrated dApp browser. Download Sync here.

Jan 21 – Renato Grottola, global director digital transformation at DNV GL, as well as VeChain Steering Committee member, joins the Italian national blockchain taskforce.

Jan 26 – LVMH releases a video where Sunny LU (CEO VeChain) talks about the LVMH Innovation award, in which VeChain took part in 2018. Taking part last year delivered VeChain 10 new business opportunities as well as an entry to point to the entire luxury industry.

Ecosystem Projects

Jan 3 – The open beta of Comet launched. Comet is an easy to setup, decentralized, browser-based wallet that allows you to interact with dApps. For those familiar to MetaMask for Ethereum, Comet is the MetaMask for VeChain.

Go to now and install your wallet to get ready for the first dApps released soon! 

Jan 21 – OceanEx releases an SHA/BTC trading pair. Read more here.

Jan 23 – Safe Haven introduces their ThorPay product. Beta testing will start soon!

Jan 24 – Over 1200 people signed up to join the Alpha test of Plair. Demand was way higher than expected so instead of 200 testers, all 1200 sign-ups will be given access to the Alpha! A total of 250 million PLA can be earned by helping out in the Alpha test.

Jan 27 – Logino Dujardin, CEO of Safe Haven, gets interviewed by MacMac007. Read our recap of this interview here.

Jan 30 – Safe Haven releases the Safe Haven MasterNode program. Earn a percentage of the fees needed to use Safe Haven products by staking SHA into your wallet!

Team members

Jan 22 – Sarah, VP of Business development for VeChain’s SE Asia Market, is a Keynote speaker at Binance it’s blockchain Event.

Jan 28 – Sunny Lu and Jerome having a meeting at LVMH.


Below you can find our favorite tweets from the VeChain community.

Jan 3 – Video showcasing a traditional Chinese gift with integrated VeChain technology.

Jan 13 – Jason Rockwood reminds us how big VeChain’s partners really are.

Jan 14 – Ben Yorke of wrote a recap of an Interview with Sunny Lu.

Jan 21 – A great write-up about the browser-based Comet wallet by Emberworks.

Jan 22 – Sarah (VP SE Asia, VeChain) shares on stage during the Binance conference that VeChain has partnered with One Championship.

Jan 24 – Jason Rockwood sharing a nice picture of his visit at the VeChain and OceanEx office. ps: Who else thinks Sunny Lu should be hired as a sneaker model?!

Jan 30 – A video showing the integration of VeChain technology in WeChat.

I’m sure I have missed some of the things happening in January, feel free to share it using the comments below!


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