Node and rewards overview October 2018


Each month we will give you an overview of the number of the various nodes as well as an overview of the expected VTHO node rewards.

In our first node overview done in September 2018 we had 5045 X nodes and 1233 normal nodes, with 60% of the circulating supply, let’s have a look at what has changed in the past four weeks!

Node snapshot

Overview of the number of nodes:

During last month’s snapshot, there were a total of 5045 X Nodes as well as 1233 normal nodes. We are now down to 5003 X Nodes, with most of them dropping in the days around the Safe Haven and OceanEx ICO’s.

At the same time the amount of Normal Nodes has increased by 246 in just four weeks, so we now have a total of 1479 of Normal Nodes.

Overview of VET stored in the nodes:

Four weeks ago 34 billion VET was locked away in Nodes, with some very popular VeChain ICO’s running in the past few weeks, I expected this to go down since it seems logical that node holders invested some of their holdings in these ICO’s.

However the opposite can be seen, even though Safe Haven raised 336 million VET and OceanEx raised 412 million VET, the amount of VET locked away in nodes has increased by another 2 billion VET.

Over 36 billion VET has currently been stored in nodes soft locking over 64% of the total  56,6 billion circulating supply according to the latest financial report. This is a 4% increase in the last four weeks alone.

All data is provided with help from VeForge Explore.

VTHO rewards overview

All data provided in the tables below has been calculated using the using the VTHO rewards pay-out that has taken place on 15-10-2018.

Please note that we have seen rewards fluctuate by as much as 5% from day to day, so use these numbers as an indicator.



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