VeChain November overview


In this Monthly report, we will give a summary of the most important updates that happened in the VeChain ecosystem.


Nov 1st – During the China International Gas & Heating Technology Exhibition 2018, a partnership with Shanghai Gas (a state-owned company) and ENN (one of the largest clean energy distributors in China) was announced. Together the three parties will design and implement a blockchain powered system to manage the quality assurance process throughout the transport of LNG. Read more here.

Announcement of the LNG solution powered by VeChain

From Nov 5 till Nov 10 the first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), with the participation of over 2800 companies and over 300.000 visitors was held. During the Expo, VeChain and DNV GL presented their ‘My Story‘ as well as a Carbon banking solution. Read more about the solutions presented here.

Nov 7th – Bright Code, a localized version of My Story, was introduced by the General manager of Bright Food. Bright Food is the second largest food manufacturing company located in China. Bright Code utilizes the technology provided by VeChain to build a consumer confidence index, generated by an independent third party organization, collecting data on events throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.

Nov 9th – A video introducing the Digital Carbon Platform by VeChain and DNV GL:

Nov 12th – InvestCyprus, the institute that manages the investments from abroad for the government of Cyprus, together with the VeChain Foundation and CREAM have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Together they will work on a legal framework that will regulate blockchain technology, as well as explore how to implement blockchain technology throughout the government of Cyprus.

Nov 20th – VeChain wins the “Global Scaling Award 2018”  during the Draper venture network blockchain expo hosted by Draper Dragon.


Nov 6th – Safe Haven (SHA) has been listed on the LATOKEN exchange, making it the first exchange to list SHA after its ICO.

Nov 8th – Totient Labs announces Comet, a wallet that will enable dApps to be used from your web browser similar to MetaMask for Ethereum. Comet will support both Web3 as well as Connex, providing developers with a powerful platform to create dApps on the VeChain platform. Read more here.

A preview of the Comet wallet

Nov 16th – After a successful private and community sale, the Plair Public sale was officially sold out and completed.

Nov 19th – The OceanEx exchange has officially been launched. Read our post about the launch and the current reward and promotion programs here.

Team members

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This is the first overview of this kind, if you would like us to do this more often, please let us know by leaving a comment below!


  1. Great work!!! Keep up this level of detail and professionalism in the coming months.

    For many of us who got into Vechain when it was worth more than it is now. This gives us hope to hold onto our tokens and hope that one day soon it will prove to be the best investment of our lives!


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